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NFHS Network

The NFHS Network celebrates and showcases the unique accomplishments of students, whether they are a student-athlete participating in 27 different sports covered by the Network, or one of the student broadcasters from schools around the country that produce events through the School Broadcast Program, available to high schools nationwide.

Brian Danin, NFHS Network
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NBA Hoop Troop

Since 2010, CSE has helped the NBA create and grow a multi-platform, HD, all-access destination for young fans where they can engage the sport, league, teams, and players on their terms. NBA Hoop Troop is the official kids marketing platform for the NBA. Its daily kid-friendly league website offers branded games, video highlights, stats, scores, players and teams, and even more.

Built using Drupal, Javascript, custom PHP, & SASS.

Brian Danin, NBA Kids
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Launched in the fourth quarter of 2013, this site offers a store-front experience and integration into Sonoma-Cutrer's eWinery e-commerce solution. The site allows user generated recipe uploads, enables administrators to easily display tasting and wine pairings, and tells the Sonoma-Cutrer story with compelling imagery.

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FedTrain was relaunched in 2012. They offer educational services specific to GSA training needs. This site features a calendar, course listings, a user-authenticated library system that houses thousands of documents, and more.

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GT Policy Library

Built in Drupal 6, policies library. Integrated Google Search Appliance, advanced workflows, and notifications. A unified policy repository for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Georgia Tech Policy Library Website